My 3 Ps For Home Buyers


Dayton-area Home Buying in 2017 Requires Patience, Perseverance and Purpose.

Real estate market conditions are constantly shifting. It wasn’t that long ago that home choices for buyers were voluminous. You could trod through 30 or more houses before finding the “one.” And buyers called all the shots — or so it seemed.

Oh, how the times have changed.

Today, there’s a severe lack of homes for sale — particularly in the suburban areas of Dayton. Listings come on the market and go under contract at a frenetic pace. Multiple offers, contract prices above list and inflexible sellers are quite common. Gone, at least for the immediate future, are the times when you could wander through homes, evaluate and contemplate. And wait for a week or a month to tender an offer because the home would still be available if something better didn’t come along.

Today buyers pull up to the hot new listing within hours of it hitting the market only to find other potential buyers in the driveway or already walking through the home. If you decide the home is perfect, you may find there are multiple offers — or worse yet it’s already under contract.

So for now:

Buyers need patience. Your home buying process may take longer and you may experience some disappointments along the way.

Buyers need perseverance. The right home and the right opportunity will present itself if you’re dedicated to the task.

Buyers need purpose. Knowing what you want and being able to pounce with conviction when the right home comes along is key.

But most importantly, Buyers need the guidance of a seasoned professional. Seek out a REALTOR® who can provide perspective, quickly recognize an opportunity, assess value, point out potential pitfalls and structure a winning offer based on years of negotiation experience.